Sunday, 29 July 2012

Things Are Starting To Look Up

I look down on the room. I'm very far away. Floating, but still attached to the scene
below that keeps getting smaller and smaller. I'm connected by this egg-shell
coloured cord that's drawn onto the air like an animation in an old cartoon.

A woman sits in an armchair. She has hair and glasses that make her look like Thelma
from Scooby Doo. Her glasses, the lenses, are made of cross-hatched lines that alternate
between orange and blue.

And another presence in the room. I can't make out what or who it is.

What I see is a test tube of fine glass. So fine you can barely see it. It's very tall.
I could stand inside it. You only know it's there because of the soft barley sugar
colours where the glass curves to form its invisible dome.

Thelma talks as if the tube isn't there.

I cry out as the cord finally snaps and
I drift upwards like a helium balloon
when the string slips through
the fingers of a child.

I don't think anyone's looking up.

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