Thursday, 19 July 2012

Elastic Cat

You have to admire the way a young cat expends its energy.
This grey cat sweeps its tail and pounces on a fly.
Misses and leaps trying to follow.

Probably my favourite cat expression is the pre-attack face.
The eyes seem to change shape and the elastic body
just quivers with pent up motion that will be,
probably, unleashed at any moment.

When we were kids there were these plastic things
that resembled animals and cartoon characters.
They came on springy poles and there was a sucker
that you had to wet with spit.

You'd push them down and seal a vacuum. Then wait,

wait for the spit to dry which would cause
the vacuum to break then

leap like a salmon, dig paws into the rug hanging
from the washing line. The rugs starts swaying
and the cat holds on, arches its neck trying
to fathom what's going on, hanging
upside down like a child on a tyre swing sliding
along the cable picking up speed.


  1. Hey Jonathan,
    Way cool poem! The *ing words at the end of the pushed closing lines brilliantly enact the cat on the rug/child on a tyre swing momentum.
    Regards from the colonies,

    captcha: 7 Madance

    1. Bobby

      What a great way to start a Monday morning. Thanks for the encouragement. Let's keep the momentum going!

      7 mad dances? I usually manage 8.



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