Monday, 30 July 2012

Durable Friends

Lifted over into flight, sent packing into daydreaming
the swiping of a page revealing, showing a princess of snow sitting
in an orange room for a time trying out the sleekest of feeling
clambering along the gouging pliers of these hand-held paper stairs
for 8 steps until the boards zigzag like idiot fingers across the slowness
of a white sky made of deep metal layers that shine through the windows
that turn device: become screen in a broken day of durable friend
gadgets running the painted century of this, our house, replete with words
where the white tries blazing white street letters in the must have flowers.
A century left before we reach the deep of the car's occupants in already
blackly understood words, eyes of the decades hugging on to all it's got
this weekend with wallpaper sunshine friends trying to read the
sometime silhouette that seems to decide in time the very
tombstone buildings too deep in the morning sun.
The damn cut weighs Shandyisms away into whiteness across the gaze
fixing in its support but the whiteness can't smoke a message back to the action
that takes the old you with it to where the blazing, metal-cast occupants dream as
open letters are considered in the pebble streets where the first story sends even
lines of sense through cabins in yards where low-glare paintwork trains are all
about transference from here to there about the knees of a multi-device bird flying
through a city that invented screwdrivers demarcated by the whiteness in its mimicry.


  1. weighs Shandyisms away into whiteness across the gaze*


    *#1 sensational line of the century thus far

    1. Well thank you Tom. I was trying to take the words into new terrain. Sometimes I wonder what on earth I'm doing, so it's a great relief to see that you liked it.



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