Saturday, 5 May 2012

Don't Stop Me Now

I’ve tried various things to make the daily commute more tolerable. Sometimes I’m glad of the silence. The road across the forest forever changes: like taking a picture of a child each day of her life until she reaches the age of five. The slow increments of change.

Other times, I’m like a badly operating broadband system. The silence doesn’t work its peaceful magic or I’m not tuned into it. The view tries my patience and I start thinking about other things.

The radio is a handy distraction. Classical music, sometimes. Or debate, but the graphic news is too visceral like a hand blown away. Or the muddy debates that further cloud issues that aren’t that interesting to begin with. The real news is what we make. We are our own headlines.

Last night was Drive Time and I listened as if I was contented driving home from the office ready to buy into the whole deal. It was a phone-in-show-request-your favourite tune show. People on the roads excited about the weekend and wanting to share their plans with the DJ.

A voice from Dumfries which is a very long way from home but easier to picture because it wasn’t so long ago that we were also driving through there. But it never occurred to me to ring up some DJ and tell everyone what we were doing and have the non-occasion marked by Queen and Don’t Stop Me Now.

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