Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Electric Line

The electric line runs the length of the field. It signifies that the sheep will soon be here. He’ll lie in his bed and hear their teeth tearing grass from the earth.

All night, he’ll hear them bleat. They’ll come right up to his walls to
rip the long grass right out from under the A frame.

In the morning he’ll open the door and send them skittering.

This will go on for weeks. A punk green spot on every fleece.
The bleating and tearing will get into his dreams.

They’ll rush the pick-up truck. The farmer’s son in his flat cap,
smoking a cigar because it’s a Sunday, throwing feed and straw from the bed.

Sometimes they’ll talk.

For men of few words, they’ll have a lot to say.


  1. This is wonderful, so evocative of image and meaning, layered.

  2. There aren’t many creatures that horror film directors have not pitted against Man at some time or other, some with less success than others; The Night of the Lepus demonstrates just how hard it is to make bunnies scary and the same goes for the New Zealand made film Black Sheep and yet in this tiny piece you do manage to evoke a feeling of unease whether that be the discomfort of lying in bed listening to them ‘bleating and tearing’ the grass or crowding around the pick-up truck like an angry mob. Great punch line.

  3. Thank you Elisabeth and Jim.

    This piece was written a while ago and originally much longer. The blog is teaching me to simplify things...



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