Monday, 21 November 2011

Apart From The Doberman

She says ‘tell me how you met your wife.’

I leapt right in. Best to get started with the talking before you allow the brain/editor to censor your thinking.

‘The day we met? Well some people had come down from Leicester. They had funny sounding names. They were parked up on a triangle of land in the backwoods somewhere. They were considering joining us later. Someone said we should go and see them. That’s when I first met her.’

Her bus was painted in bright colours like a gypsy wagon.

It was a Bedford and had a big silver badge on the nose to say so. A strange bearded god with a spear.
The bus was decorated with Celtic knot work. This was a sign that you were a together traveller. The sweet smell of incense hit your nose before you went inside. The walls were lined with planks of heavily varnished pine. A fire burned in the range. You had to take your boots off before you were allowed inside. Things were homely.
Apart from the Doberman pincer growling in front of the fire.

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