Saturday, 29 October 2011

Thank You...

I'm very grateful to the following people who have taken the time to visit me while I've been on gardening leave:

Tane Mar, Vazambam, Brent, Jim Murdoch and Elisabeth.

Thank you so much. I'm especially grateful to my friend William. He stopped by, rolled his sleeves up and got stuck in with helping me in the garden right from the beginning.

Meanwhile, here's something else that came along today...


  1. They’re so very large this time of year, but this means you’ll have fewer mosquitoes.

    In the meantime, my thanks go to the very same people. It’s an honor to be mentioned in such fine company.

    And they go to you, Jonathan. My help, if any, has been miniscule.

    Your thoughts on A Listening Thing are a joy to read.

    And that joy is the biggest help of all.



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