Sunday, 22 May 2016

The Wolf Hour

The expectation, fear of finding something indefinable out of place
a trace of vague perfume, distilled from some unnameable poison
follows you as you wander through the maze of your rooms.

The wolf in yellow cravat and used car dealer tweed waistcoat
tacks his claws along your stony path, bids you sit awhile
as he spins his yarn and chomps and slavers on a cigar.

Then leaves you to find your own way home as the clouds 
yield their black rain and long hours pass before you regain 
the stony path, pick up the discarded thread that leads to your door.

Friday, 20 May 2016

Discover You Down

Three years I think it is now.
A summer like they used to be 
based on my childhood reckoning.
Days where you almost wish for rain. 
The scarred courts of Wimbledon, 
willing the players in whites 
to make the long wished for turn true - 
and for once, they do. 
Festivals where old time bands don’t let us down. 
All is well, all is well…
Curiosity kills the the cat, or so they say. 
I look you up and discover you down.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Guild Hall Square

Cloud of snow beard 
floats on salmon pink shirt, 
the swag of belly, 
face like a policeman’s notebook 

a transfer of full moon 
on teal blue: 
the weather vaporises breath, 
makes smokers of non-smokers 
who cross the cool expanse 
of marbled flagstones.

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Film Critics

A clever chap 
straight off the set 
of Thunderbirds 
dissects aspects 
of a new movie 
soon set to sweep 
the country. 


It’s a terrible thing 
when you’ve set your heart 
on enjoying something 
everyone else tears 
to celluloid shreds. 

Monday, 9 May 2016


Revision: read the runes, trace patterns to find what you need to know. 
Navigate canals, 
oil water rain in white diamonds, an observed distraction. 
Going back over, sifting the shards, 
selecting the gold and not quite gold.

The sun collaborates

orange on orange, 
the words seep into the paper. 
The sun returns to further burnish the words. 
Secret diaries are all well and good 
so long as you can crack the code, 
the right quantity of lemon, 
understand the process of the chemical reaction. 


letting go of the once precious pieces; 
or at least letting them seep, 
orange on orange

if you lost your key. Lost your key and had no spare. 
An invisible lock, 
the lock is invisible and you have no key. 
The door. Just how much do you want to go through? 


one door closes. 
A box of partitions
silver ball puzzle. 
Tilt the box, 
see the silver ball run. 

The point of the game 
is to land say six disparate spheres safely home. 
Each sphere with a will of its own.


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